Our Members

There are three categories of membership in PIABC; Member, Associate Member and Honorary Member. Businesses, whether corporations, partnerships or proprietorships, cannot be members but they can be registrants of PIABC. Businesses applying for registration with PIABC commit to adhering to the same ethics standards as members.

Only Members have voting privileges and can hold a position of Board Member in the Association. Associate and Honorary Members have the rights as Members pertaining to receiving information and personal attendance at PIABC meetings.

Members of PIABC include the following:

  • Private investigators licensed by the Province of British Columbia. This includes private investigators with unrestricted licenses as well as those with ‘under-supervision’ licenses.
  • Security consultants licensed by the Province of British Columbia
  • Private investigators licensed to operate in other jurisdictions (such as other Provinces or in other countries). These members qualify for Associate Member status.

Membership may be approved after the receipt of an application to join PIABC, payment of fees, and verification of qualifications to ensure that applicants meet all of the Association’s criteria. PIABC retains the right to refuse membership or business registration applications at its sole discretion. Credit card payments processed at the time of the application for membership or business registration will be refunded in if an application is denied.

Members who have private investigation or security consulting firms licensed by the Registrar to operate in British Columbia can register their firm with PIABC for a fee and receive additional benefits not offered to other members. These benefits include business advertising and marketing as well as business insurance discounts. The business insurance savings offered by our recommended insurance brokers often more than offset the cost of registering a firm with PIABC.