Our PI Training Course

Mandated Online Professional Private Investigation Training Course

This online correspondence course is required learning for persons wishing to apply for a private investigator’s license. This program of study is of interest to the general public, those who wish to enter into the field of professional private investigation, wish to prepare for advanced investigation courses, or contemplate entering into careers where professional investigation knowledge and skills are essential.

The program is delivered by the Private Security Training Network, an initiative of the Canadian Police Knowledge Network.

To learn more about this course, visit: http://pstnetwork.ca/course_private_investigation

  1. Register for the online course. Registering and completion of this course is mandatory for getting a PI license.
  2. Request the complimentary study guide from prodev@piabc.ca. Include your full name, mailing address and phone number. The study guide identifies the 400 areas where formal exam questions come from.
  3. Do the exams at the end of each chapter within the course material. These are easy questions but passing them is required to get a certificate of completion. These exams are different from the licensing prequalification exam.
  4. Take the practice exam which will give you an idea if you are ready for the more challenging exam questions. The practice exam has questions that include some of the questions on the actual exam. This is optional but highly recommended.
  5. Get your certificate of completion from PSTNetwork after you finish the chapter exams for the online course.
  6. Register for the proctored exam at the Justice Institute of British Columbia
  7. Register with PSTNetwork to take for proctored exam. A number of different exam locations are available throughout BC.
  8. Get your certificate or acknowledgement of passing the proctored exam (PSTNetwork may actually send that to the Gov’t licensing Registrar or you may have to do it).
  9. Download the application form for a PI under supervision license https://justice.gov.bc.ca/security/worker/newapplication.do.
  10. Get your fingerprints taken at your local constabulary and have criminal record check results sent to Registrar.
  11. Submit your application form to Registrar