Types of PI Services

Our members can assist you with private investigation and security consulting services. Some of our firms offer a broad range of services while others specialize in niche services.

The following is a list of just some of the services our members offer. Clients looking for the services of a PI firm are encouraged to read all of the descriptions. There are one or more search terms at the end of each service description. You can use these search terms to narrow your results when you use our PI Search Tools. Each firm that you find listed in the search return will have a more detailed description of all their services.

Forensic Accounting

Investigators help gather evidence to determine if you have been defrauded through deliberate and improper manipulation of your accounting records.
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Investigators skilled in uncovering evidence to determine if your copyrights, licenses, patents, etc have been used without your consent.
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Asset Search

Investigators help locate and identify assets and verify the ownership of assets. This is often done for use in legal proceedings.
Search Terms – People/Asset Locates; All Services

Document Service

Involves the hand delivery of legal documents (also called process serving) for purposes relating to legal proceedings.
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People/Property Locates

Investigators help find missing persons or property. It is often use to recover property or other assets that have been ordered by the court to be surrendered or returned.
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Background/Due Diligence

Investigators gather thorough background or historical information relating to an individual or a corporation. A wide variety of techniques are used. These investigations are relied upon to make important personal, relationship, business or legal decisions.
Search Terms – Workplace; Family/Relationships; All Services

Injury/Disability Fraud

These investigations frequently utilize covert static, mobile and foot surveillance of claimants and skilled interviewing of witnesses. Highly skilled investigators with significant experience investigating body and traumatic brain injury claims can be found in this category.
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Malpractice/Professional Misconduct

Involves investigations into the professional judgment or behavior of professionals as it relates to their duties or responsibilities.
Search Terms – Workplace; All Services

Wage Loss

These investigators focus on determining the impact of an injury or disability on a person’s future potential earnings.
Search Terms – Workplace, All Services

Detection of Deception

These services include the use of polygraph examinations, statement analysis (scientific content analysis) and highly skilled forensic interviewers.
Search Terms – Behavioural Science; All Services

Employee Performance

Services often include mystery shoppers, covert surveillance, digital video, customer and employee interviews to document activities of employees while conducting their duties.
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Private Investigators used for overt and covert surveillance of union/labour actions. Private investigators cannot act as security guards unless they are licensed to also do those responsibilities.
Search Terms – Workplace; Physical Security, All Services

Drug/Alcohol Testing

PI Firms that offer ON-SITE consent testing of family members or employees in the workplace.
Search Terms – Workplace; Family/Relationships; All Services

Loss Prevention/Investigation

A service usually associated with business and corporate environments where customer, contractor and employee theft is prevalent. The persons involved in such offences can be highly skilled and motivated criminals.
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Executive/Event Security

These firms must also be licensed to perform security guard work. Event security provides services protect the integrity of a public or private event while executive security helps ensure the physical safety of a person through close personal protections measures such as unarmed bodyguards.
Search Terms – Physical Security; All Services

Family Member Abuse

Firms that investigate allegations of sexual or other physical/emotional abuse of persons including the elderly and children.
Search Terms – Family/Relationships; All Services

Child Custody

Such investigations involve both overt and covert investigation into how a parent or guardian carries out their duties to care for a child. Interviewing, surveillance and forensics can all play a part in such investigations.
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Wellness/Activity Verification

A service that involves ensuring that individuals behave within the standards expected by the client. Popular with clients whose children are visiting from out of country, or who have elderly parents that need to be monitored to ensure their well being.
Search Terms – Family/Relationships; All Services


Services used to help assess the behavior and character of a spouse or partner when they are away from the Client. The information can help clients to make important decisions or assist with legal matters.
Search Terms – Family/Relationships; All Services

Accident Reconstruction

This involves analysis of an accident scene, the vehicles, equipment, tools or structures involved and the persons who are injured. Accidents may occur in the workplace or on personal or public property.
Search Terms – Special Forensics; All Services

Arson Investigation

Specialized investigation skills and knowledge used to investigate arsons. Arson scene investigation is an environment filled with biohazards.
Search Terms – Special Forensics; All Services

Behavioural Science

These services apply investigative, analytical and scientific knowledge and experience to interpret human behaviour and actions. Services include behavioural risk and personality assessment, assessing potential for violence, behavioural and geographic profiling, linguistics and statement analysis.
Search Terms – Behavioural Science; All Services

Identification Forensics

Forensic investigation pertaining to locating, preserving and identifying physical evidence such as DNA, fingerprints, bodily fluids, tool markings, bodily injury markings, trace and other types of evidence.
Search Terms – Special Forensics; All Services

Document Forensics

Services involve paper documents and include handwriting analysis to determine the authenticity of a signature, or the age of the document using signatures, paper and ink aging techniques. Expertise in this field requires extensive training.
Search Terms – Special Forensics; All Services

Computer Forensics

A highly specialized field of endeavor that recovers lost or hidden data, identifies the what, where, when and how questions pertaining to digital information as well as recovery of data on digital devices.
Search Terms – Digital Forensics; All Services

Cyber Crime

Investigators prevent, track, and identify attempts to commit criminal acts using digital devices such as computers or cell phones. Methods used by criminals include attacking your digital devices with malware, use information in your digital devices to commit fraud or other illegal activity, or use your digital device to store illegal or stolen information.
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Video Forensics

Investigators have the specialized training and equipment to enhance digital video to scientifically examine, compare or evaluate video, to improve the visual content of an image so that it can yield more detail, and to ascertain the integrity of the digital information.
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Unexplained Phenomena

Investigation of phenomena not easily explained including alleged paranormal, religious and alien occurrences. Involves unbiased investigation relying upon scientific principles of research/inquiry to refute or corroborate the perception of such events. Identification forensics, forensic video analysis, polygraph and statement analysis, behavioural science, and instruments properly used and calibrated for the intended purposes can be utilized for such investigations.
Search Terms – Behavioural Science; Special Forensics; All Services.

Security Consulting/Risk Analysis

Used to assess the state of physical security of your residence or business, then enhance your environment to provide more effective security and reduce your risk exposure.
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Surveillance Countermeasures

This service is used by corporations and government to ensure that sensitive communications are not intercepted by unauthorized persons. A highly technical service requiring significant expertise and experience.
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Canine Services

These firms have trained dogs to search for evidence such as drugs, explosives, cadavers, contraband or lost persons and possessions.
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Undercover Operations

These firms have personnel trained in undercover operations for infidelity investigations, infiltrating groups to uncover evidence of illegal activity such as internal theft and fraud. They are also used by businesses as mystery shoppers.
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Investigator Training

Some PI firms offer training in various aspects of investigation. Search this category to find such opportunities. Students generally pay for training.
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Security/Violence Prevention Training

Some firms offer consulting services as well as offer training in security and workplace violence. A security consulting license may be required for such work.
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Use of Force Training

These firms have developed high expertise and knowledge regarding the appropriate use of force at all manner of incidents. They can provide training and give expert testimony in both civil and criminal proceedings.
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